NEW SHOES | Le Chateau Lace-Up Heels

I first saw these leather lace-up heels at Le Cheateau last May (here’s proof: I debated purchasing them and asked for your advice on Instagram).  I decided to walk away from them, against almost everyone’s advice, but haven’t stopped thinking about them since–and almost regretted not buying them.

Since last year’s lace-up trend seems to be going strong for this year, the hunt continued.  When I popped into Le Chateau the other night, I was shocked to see these on the sale rack (for $35, versus the regular $100).  I laughingly asked the sales girl to check for my size, knowing full well it was a lost cause…

And then she came back.

With a box.

In my size.


I put them on, again, and pranced around the store knowing they were coming home with me for sure, no questions asked.  I wore them the very next day and can’t wait for warmer weather to rock them with some bare legs.  And, if you want to grab a pair for yourself, the website still has them in the nude-blush colour.  Woohoo!


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