Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

I think my weekend snaps are getting longer and longer, so if there is a bit of a photo-overload, I’m going to start putting the majority after the jump–hope this is okay with you?

This weekend was busy and I still haven’t finished unpacking–ugh, I’m such a procrastinator.  I got home from work on Friday night and cracked a beer stat; not my normal routine but I just wanted to get into weekend mode and relax.  I made a snack and surfed the web while waiting for Marco to come home.

We decided to go to the gym super late on Friday night, like 10pm guys, which seems a little crazy but I had convinced Marco to hang curtains, a mirror and artwork up in the condo on the condition that we would work out (tee hee, compromise).

The gym was pretty busy, surprisingly, but it was kind of nice going together and kicking off the weekend on a healthy note (post beer, of course).  I’m often moaning and groaning about going to the gym but I try to think of it as something we do together (a type of date, if you will), and being active, healthy and fit is something I like making a priority.  

Looking at the picture above is a little surreal–my shoulders and arms?!  I am actually seeing muscle definition (when flexing) for the first time in my life, which is crazy… now if only my abs would catch up!

We went for a late night dinner at a Pho spot, it was almost midnight by the time we ate.  I ordered a beef-rice-egg-salad plate (my first time not ordering Pho) and it totally hit the spot.

Finally!  Curtains in our bedroom.  I didn’t want to do a two-tone, and really wanted the silvery grey curtains to work but the window is too big for two panels, and those ones let the light in (more decorative, than anything). 

I was looking for curtains to block the light so we used these two black panels I had from my apartment (and the grey ones fill the gap in the middle).  It was glorious sleeping in on Saturday without bright sunlight waking me up!

Saturday morning–a selfie in the newly hung mirror (yipee!).

Outfit deets:  H&M tee, ‘Serena’ by Mavi denim, Kate Spade necklace (birthday gift) & MK watch (old Christmas gift).

More after the jump…


Marco’s parents came up for the day on Saturday and we went out to Royal Treasure to eat lunch–a mandatory stop for them when they visit Ottawa.

We enjoyed some tea/coffee and visiting back at the condo.

After his parents left, we decided to go to the gym around dinner time since we did a bunch of cleaning in the morning before their arrival and didn’t have time.

I made myself a grown-up grilled cheese sandwich for a late dinner but substituted avocado in lieu of kale.

I had the place to myself on Saturday night so I made some healthier apple crumble, watched a movie & the snow fall.

Sunday morning–bundled up because we are still having -10C weather.

Leg day at the gym and then…

…onto the favourite breakfast spot to spoil it all (haha).

I spent Sunday afternoon at my old apartment cleaning some dishes, packing up a few things and taking photos of the items I’m selling.  Then rushed home, got ready and headed out to my grandparents’ place for dinner.  It was cold but dry so I took advantage and wore these suede boots.

Sunday night dinner–their retirement residence has seriously the best food.  It’s such a treat eating there every time.

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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