Hello from Dominican Republic!

Hello! Hello! How is everyone’s week going?  You didn’t think I would go a whole week without checking in from vacation, did you?  Ha, me neither. Blogging is always on my mind and I love sharing and connecting with you all through here so I thought Friday would be the perfect day to stop in with a post from Punta Cana. 

This week has been wonderful and relaxing, although I have found myself having a hard time sinking into vacation mode. Might be due to a longer length in between this and my last vacation–I’m out of practice. That said, as the days go by, my pace slows a little more, I breathe a little deeper and savour the moments a little longer. With two days left I better hurry up and relax!

I’ve been instagramming lots so if you aren’t following along, and would like to, I’m @acoest1984. 

On Tuesday we did a full day Catamaran excursion, leaving the resort just before 8am ams returning over 11 hours later. Sadly, it was not my favourite thing and it felt so good to get back to the resort. On top of that, I think due to the food and drinks I had off the resort, I ended up feeling pretty yucky on Wednesday. It was super unpleasant so that day was a bit of a wash. 

On brighter notes, the resort is amazing and the food is fantastic. The people here are incredibly kind, friendly and accommodating. The pools are massive, the beach is gorgeous and the weather has been great (not great for my hair though, ha!). 

I’m sitting here on our second-floor balcony with a view of the ocean and palm trees rustling above. I just ordered room service for the first time: a pre-dinner snack of chicken Caesar salad and am catching up on my favourite YouTube subscriptions (having wifi is awesome) while Marco is having a snooze inside. 

Ultimately, I don’t want to go home!  I’m trying not to think about the inevitable because the thought of cooking and cleaning again?  Ugh!  Till then though, I’ll down several more margaritas, indulge in far too many croissants at breakfast and enjoy the sun from my shaded beach chair since this girl isn’t getting a tan. See you Monday!


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