I’m going to Punta Cana!

I’m so excited to share the news that I’m going to Punta Cana this coming weekend!  Marco is taking me for my birthday and I didn’t want to spill the beans until he booked the trip which happened a couple nights ago.  

The initial plan was Mexico, but we couldn’t find anything that looked like it would be as good as last year’s trip, without spending a silly fortune.   Then we came across the new Breathless resort and it was almost a given.  We hesitated for a minute, I think simply to switch our hearts from Mexico to Dominican, and Marco surprised me by booking it.  Woohoo!

I pulled a few things from my closet that I’d like to bring along with me; obviously this isn’t everything, but a few key pieces.  As always, I’m going to try and plan outfits and pack in advance so I don’t overpack–but when does that ever happen (the answer we are looking for here is never).

Photo details after the jump…

From top left (clockwise):

1.  iPad mini |  I love having wifi on vacation; to me, it’s enjoyable to be connected and nice to have the option if I want to be.

2.  Vero Moda flamingo pashmina  |  I’ve had this for a year, brought it with me to Mexico, and never used it.  I’m determined to use it this year.

3.  Garage denim jacket  |  I wore this all the time last summer (see me wearing it here, here, and three times on this weekend) and loved the faded denim.

4.  Ardene hat  |  I forgot my hat last year and we quickly stopped at Ardene on our way to the airport and I grabbed this one.  It turned out to be great so no need to purchase anything new.

5.  Liliana wedges  |  Since I purchased these in the winter, they have only be worn once, for my bestie’s indoor baby shower.  I think they will be perfect for dinner on the resort.

5.  Bench cut-offs  |  Picked these up last summer and they are snug and don’t ride up.

6.  Zara nude heels  |  I’m on the fence as to whether I should bring these since they are a heel and not a wedge but since I just purchased them, I want to wear them asap.

7.  Vero Moda skirt  |  This is stretchy, snug and has a twisted hemline, it’s also super comfy and chic for day or night.

8.  Forever 21 sweater  |  It’s pretty rare you need a sweater down south but I think this open knit one would be sweet over a bikini or with cut-offs at night when the temps do drop.

9.  Jergens Natural Glow  |  Since I don’t tend to sit out, I am pre-planning by using this daily to build some colour so ms. whitey doesn’t look so ghostly.

10.  Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner  |  This is my go-to after I wash my hair; brushing without it is a tangly mess.

11.  (centre) Ardene bikini  |  I picked this up last year but haven’t worn it yet, but the cut is so killer.  I will definitely be bringing along several swimsuits (like this one), but wanted to highlight this one since it’s an inexpensive yet fun find.


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