Our Condo | Living Room BEFORE Photos

The living / dining room in our new space is a great size with large windows.  Since it’s a corner unit, we have a really nice view of the Ottawa river and towards downtown.  The light that streams in during the morning is both beautiful and annoying for those who love sleeping in (this girl!).

Since we have to wait a few months for our new sectional, we moved my furniture in for the interim. Once the new couch is ready, we will sell this furniture to make room.

Plans for this room include the new couch, an entertainment stand which will go on the left-hand wall/side for the tv, and a rug.  The couch we’ve ordered is a light heather grey–you can see a sneak peek of the fabric in my hands here–and I’m thinking a dark grey shag rug would be nice.  However, since the furniture in the space are currently brown tones, we might hold off on purchasing a rug.  That said, it’s pretty echo-y in here but we haven’t found the perfect rug yet either.

Lastly, since wall space is so scarce, the main focus for art will go on the left wall, before the door–which leads to the master bedroom.  The wall is slightly curved and quite large so we are thinking about what we would like to put there, likely a large abstract piece or three coordinating abstract canvases.  There is no major rush for this, as priorities are going to and have gone to furniture, bedding, vacation, eating out, etc.  

In the photo above, I’m standing in front of the kitchen, so when you turn around, you see…

Since there is a lack of cupboard space, the owner added that small armoire on the left.  We have since moved that to the second bedroom to keep things open.  We are thinking about looking for a hutch but have been using a similar light wood armoire that I brought from my old apartment; it matches the floors well and is storing all our stemware.

You can see how the space looks now, with furniture and a big ol’ mess that needs to be unpacked, after the jump…


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