Raw Hem Denim

Outfit deets:

* Ashley B jacket which you’ve seen with all grey, with the same scarf and an old outfit I would still wear & at the first concert I went to with my guy.

* Smart Set t-shirt.

* Bongo denim (old) which you’ve seen on the weekend & if you’d like, here is an Instagram shot of the distressing.

* Converse shoes.

* Accessories: G21 (Walmart) sunnies & Club Monaco scarf.

These shoes have been on serious lock since we returned from Punta Cana and the weather has drastically warmed.  I can’t get enough of these and being able to wear them elsewhere than in the condo.  I took them for a test drive while shopping on Monday and felt cool, chic and comfortable–perhaps the magical three C’s for shopping.

Additionally, I ripped up these jeans myself last summer and had initially cut slits at the bottom inner hem, since they were extra long.  However, the length was off and they weren’t super tight at the ankles so they puffed when tucked into booties and didn’t sit right with heels.  

Then, lightbulb moment!  

I chopped them off at the ankle–my preferred length for skinnies–to join the raw hem denim movement and haven’t looked back.  I’m so pleased with how they turned out.  See the full ‘steps’ on my Facebook page.


Photos by Serena Rivard.


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