Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night I went shopping and tried on a ton of stuff at Forever 21 (including this jumper), Zara and Urban Outfitters.  I bought two boring grey tanks and found nothing I was actually looking for.

I went back to Home Sense on my lunch break on Friday to grab these Tahari sheets.  We have a friend staying at our place while we are away and since we only have one sheet set, I knew there wouldn’t be enough time at 4am to strip the bed, wash and dry the sheets and re-make it.  So I washed these in advance and Marco made the bed before we flew out.

I was starving when I got home so I made some roasted heirloom carrots & sweet potato fries with sea salt.

Saturday morning at the gym.

Then we went to Chuck’s Deli for lunch which was so delicious, per usual.

Sunday afternoon was spent procrastinating and looking for a few new clothing items to take with me to Punta Cana, instead of cleaning the condo and packing.  I went to Fabricland in search of fabric to make myself a kimono and liked this purple-white-floral one.  I didn’t end up purchasing it–I wouldn’t have had time to make it beforehand–but might go back for it when I get home.

After spending several hours at home cleaning, I showered and headed out to another mall.  I ended up scoring this cool feather-print kimono from Sirens.  I went to two Sirens this past week and saw all their kimonos and just wasn’t sold–I must have missed this one and scooped it up for $15.

Late night thai take-out.

Time to go!  Instead of going to bed and getting up at 4am, I stayed up until Sunday morning packing, cleaning and blogging.


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