Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

After work on Friday I headed out to Fabricland and Sally…

Outfit deets:  Winners weater, Silver denim & Shoemint Romy heels.

I picked up three fabrics: two floral chiffon prints to make kimonos, and a white rayon-blend for a low-back tank.  Additionally, today is the last day of Fabricland’s anniversary sale where everything is 40% off.

I got home and I made sweet potato fries to snack on until Marco got home.

I and they turned out so good.

Later on, I gave myself a mani & (French) pedi with these newbies.


Outfit deets:  Joshua Perets hoodie & Walmart leggings.

On Saturday I woke up and felt awful; sore throat, headache and awful congestion.  I felt so awful we had to cancel our plans with our friends for dinner that evening.

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I made a super simple breakfast and then…

…Marco came back from the gym and surprised me with lunch and a tea.

He spent all day working in the second bedroom on my new closet.

It rained all day and it was simply yucky outside, which, to be honest, eased the blow of having to stay home and sit around. 

By 9pm, he was still working and I was getting hungry so I pulled together what I could find in the kitchen and made fajitas for dinner (beer for him, not me since I wasn’t feeling good).

…and then around 10:30pm I got a sweet craving and whipped up some mini-egg cookies (I had no chocolate chips so just hammered some mini eggs into large chunks).  Needless to say, there aren’t many cookies left and my guy was a big fan.

Sunday morning was much nicer and our view of the river is no longer ice-covered!

Outfit deets:  Smart Set tee & Bongo jeans.

I wore almost an identical outfit to last weekend since I’m loving these jeans so much.  Marco called me on his way home from the gym–I wasn’t quite up for a work out & didn’t want to push it with having been so sick on Saturday–and asked me if I wanted to go out to breakfast, so he swung home and picked me up.

We went to Corner Bar & Grill and it was just okay.  I don’t think we will go back, unfortunately.

I spent all afternoon filming my next Place d’Orleans video (see all my videos HERE).

Filming outfit.

Outfit deets:  Sirens kimono (new!), Joe Fresh tank & Almost Famous shorts.

We grabbed pizza for dinner and Marco continued working on my closet until…

Outfit deets:  Bongo denim, H&M tank & DIY sweatshirt.

…he finished!  So excited to share the end result–he did such a great job.  I spent the evening filling it up but have a long way to go.

I have been taking progress pictures of the build and as I start to organize so I will have an updated post for you likely this week.

Hope you all had a great–healthy–weekend!


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