Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Ardene on Lena’s blog and my goodies arrived on Friday!  A new outfit for the gym that I got to pick out!

I chose this black windbreaker, cool geo-printed leggings and a hot pink racer-back tank.  They also sent over a black sports bra which is sadly too big so I’m hoping I can exchange it at the store.  I couldn’t wear to try out my new clothes and hit the gym on Friday after work.  See without the coat here.

After the gym I grabbed some groceries and went home and made spaghetti with sausage, garlic bread for us.  Such a good meal and my first pasta dish in months (random).

On Saturday morning we hit the gym and then headed home and Marco made breakfast.  

Outfit deets:  Bench jacket, La Senza workout tank (from when they had a workout line years ago), Walmart leggings, Converse sneakers & Lululemon bag.

More photos after the jump…

I spent the afternoon doing some cleaning around the condo before getting ready to head to Ottawa Taco Fest–the first one!

We had a really good time with friends and sampled various tacos (and sliders) from different booths.  There was a cash bar and the booths took cash as well (no tickets).  It was a really fun and different type of date night.

Full outfit deets, plus I’m wearing my new shoes!

Outfit deets:  O’Neill top, Walmart leggings, Nike Free 3.0

On Sunday we hit the gym and went out to breakfast at our fave spot.

Later in the afternoon, we grabbed our rackets and went to play some tennis.  I might look the part but I’m pretty terrible (ha!).  I’ve only played a handful of times and sometimes even swing and miss the ball–embarrassing!  I’m thinking about taking lessons this summer.

Later on I went out to grab groceries and coffee.

Outfit deets:  Gap denim jacket (DIY bleached), Urban Planet sweater, Vero Moda dress & Aldo boots.

My bff and her family came over for the first BBQ of the season on the rooftop!  They brought steaks and I made a caesar salad, grilled mushrooms and garlic mashed potatoes.  Later we came back inside and gabbed for hours over some apple crisp and coffee/tea.

Outfit deets:  Aeropostale vest, Old Navy workout tank, Kyoden leggings & Material Girl hi-tops.

On Monday I had the day off on my own and hit the gym before noon.  Then I spent the afternoon at my parent’s place detailing my car so she’s ready for summa-summa-summatime (woohoo!).

When Marco got home that night, we decided to have another BBQ, just us to finish off the long-weekend (or long weekend for me).  We grabbed some beers, I whipped up another caesar salad and we headed to the rooftop.  The sunset was beautiful and the view is pretty awesome.  So happy to be living together, where we are living and that warm weather is upon us.  Who wants to come over for a BBQ!?


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