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The newest member of the shoe collection, Iro Saika, makes a quick leap into first place.  I know I already earlier this week, but wanted to give you the low down on how I scored these babies.

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I’ve been coveting these sandals from afar–read: online–for about eight months and so much so that I shared the sand suede version on my blog, back in the winter.  Two weeks before I went to Vegas, the sand colour dropped drastically in price (I was stalking them, for reals) and I debating purchasing them but ultimately decided I needed that money for Vegas.  I thought about the shoes everyday, even while in Vegas until on the second last day I saw them in a store, by fluke.  I ran in, tried them on, love at first sight.  That said, they were not on sale in store.

I sulked all the way back to the hotel room, but got a surge of energy hoping they’d still be available online.  When I checked, they were completely sold out–obviously–I had missed the boat.  All the while though, the black leather had been my number one choice but they were still full price.

I immediately started scouring the inter-webs for the black pair only to discover they had gone on sale within that week.  I started to get excited, only to come up with site after site after site either sold out in that colour or my size.

Somehow, I discovered them on My Wardrobe in my size and on sale; I almost jumped up out of excitement!  The price was really great so I bit the bullet.

I have already worn them four times and haven’t even had them for one week (convincing myself cost-per-wear exists!).  A coworker even commented I must really love them because she rarely sees me in the same shoes the same week.

Unfortunately, My Wardrobe is sold out of them, however, if you’re looking to scoop up a pair for yourself, I’ve collected a few links for you below:

* (full price)
* (I tried these on & had a hard time fitting my foot in, but I have fairly wide feet)


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