Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night I took the redeye home from Vegas.  Ugh, what a crappy time to travel.  It was the first time I have done this and I knew it would suck, but it kind of just screws up your entire system.  I left Vegas after 11pm, with a stop over in New Jersey at 7am, and then home from there.  I walked in the door just before noon.  

That said, Vegas was a really nice getaway and I enjoyed the time off.  I am usually really sad when trips come to an end but this was a first where I was happy I went, and kind of excited to come home.

I spent all of Saturday afternoon napping and doing laundry.  Marco and I grabbed Pho around 10pm but I forgot to snap a photo.  

Sunday morning we slept in till 11am but it was technically only 8am Vegas time (haha).

 More photos after the jump…

We hit the gym, which was nice to feel normal again from Saturday’s complete brain and body drain.

Breakfast at home.

Quick grocery run to replenish the fridge and get ready for the week ahead.

Also, I recently discovered parsnips and they have quickly become my favourite veg.  Have you given them a go?  I like to slice them into strips, kind of like skinny fries, and sauté them in the wok with some coconut oil.  They still have a crunch when ready, but they have a bit of a sweet taste to them, which I love.  Similarly to sweet potatoes–it’s like having a bit of dessert with dinner (well, if you can take it that far).

And the rest of Sunday was spent doing more laundry and cleaning up this mess.


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