What I Wear to Workout: Leg Day

I love looking at flat layouts so thought I would start a new series of sharing what I wear to workout, depending on the activity.

For today’s post, I’m sharing what I would wear for a typical leg day.  I tend to wear leggings (over shorts) since I’m doing a lot of squats, lunges and general bending over-ness (ha).  I love wearing bright colours to the gym so these purple pants and neon orange sports bra fit the bill.  I tend to alternate snug fitting tops to bubble tops depending on how I’m feeling.

More recently, I’ve started wearing skate shoes for leg day as typical gym shoes–like my Nike Free 3.0’s–are made to lift your heels and push your weight towards your toes.  When squatting, it’s important to keep your weight in your heels and it’s recommended to wear a shoe that is flat; Converse would work well, and I often see heavy lifters going bare-foot.

Lastly, pumping music is key for me and I like to switch it up between the music on my iPod and the music I stream on my phone via .

Item deets after the jump…

Lululemon bag ()  | & tank (my fave) |  Circa men’s skate shoe ()  |    |  |  iPod nano (6th gen)


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