Joe Fresh Fitting Room Pics

I hit up Joe Fresh the other evening after work, well, I was actually going for groceries and the clothes enticed me.  While I only picked up one item–the black tee above–I did try on several things and though I would share.  I like seeing what other people try on, how it looks, etc. and I’ve done this before, so here we go.

The tee above is $16 and comes in black and grey.  I had to resist from purchasing both since I’m a bit of a hoarder like that, and went with just the black in a size medium.  It has some pretty pleating on the shoulders, a deep scoop neck and a split-seam, and squared off hi-low hemline.

I loved the wash of these $39 jeans but per usual, they did not fit well.  Pants never work for me with Joe Fresh, but I always give it a shot.  Looking at this photo, they don’t look so bad, in fact, I kind of like how they look, but in person it was no bueno.  These were a size 31 and too loose everywhere, but I could not get the 30’s done up despite the legs fitting well.

Two more items after the jump…

The orange racer-back gym tank is around $24, I think, and comes in black as well.  I loved this top, especially the thick, well made seamless straps, but the built in sports bra sucked.  It was flimsy and does nothing for the girls.  If I’m wearing a tank with a built-in bra, I don’t really want to wear a sports bra so I reluctantly passed on this one (was so pretty and well made though).  I tried on a size small as there was no medium and it would have been the right size to go with.

I wanted this sweater to work so badly but unfortunately they only had small and extra-small left (this is a small).  It’s black and kind of thinly crocheted, and you would definitely need to wear a tank under it (unless you’re feeling bold for date night?) and was around $39, I believe.  Not only is this pose awkward, the sweater is far too small but I wanted to share anyway because not everything we try on always looks good, right?  Additionally, these are the size 30 jeans (my usual size, I’d say), which as mentioned above are not done up.


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