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I’m finally sharing some photos of our finished living room.  We ordered the couch a month before we moved, waited four months and it arrived at the beginning of July.  Since then, we’ve sold the previous furniture, given my parents the end tables and moved the kitchen table into the room (it was originally in that nook space off the kitchen).

Something I really like about our place is how neutral and bright it feels.  Normally I would cringe at almost-white walls but I really love that it’s so airy.  I feel like my last apartment was such a tiny space, with so much stuff crammed into it, it’s nice to have more of a minimalistic feel here (but trust that every nook, cranny and drawer is stuffed to the brim!).

We are now on the hunt for a rug to fill out the space, and I’m thinking a shag, but unsure of the colour.  I also think an arch floor lamp would be awesome in the back corner behind the couch and then we could get rid of that Ikea paper one in the corner by the tv.  Any suggestions on the colour for the rug?  I love white but it’s probably not realistic, especially with a little black feline prancing around (or life in general, ha!).

See the view looking the other way & furniture deets after the jump…

And a shot from Instagram where you can see the curved feature on the back of the couch…

Couch from Mobilia | Coffee table (old) from Dufresne | Entertainment unit from Mobilia | Orange pillows & silver vases from Home Sense

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