Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Outfit deets:  Dynamite blazer, BCBG top, Sirens envelope / origami skort, Iro heels & Aldo clutch.


On Friday night I hit the gym after work which brightened my spirits after a slightly stressful week at work.  I went home and got ready for date night with Marco and he picked me up around 8pm which was sweet–it felt like ‘old times’ where I’m getting ready on my own and he’s waiting for me.  It was also the first time I’d really seen him since he returned from California since I was dead asleep when he got home.

We went to Milestones, had drinks, appetizers and caught up on our week apart during an amazing dinner.  It was so nice to be out and catching up.  I had the California salad with chicken, him the burger and we started off with calamari and the baked garlic-flat bread appy.


The next day…


More photos after the jump…

…I hit the gym solo and the rushed home to get ready.


I met up with my friend and we decided to kick off her birthday celebrations with brunch at… Milestones!  Her pick, haha. 


I planned for us to rent a canoe after and take a leisurely paddle down the canal, but, since neither of us are the outdoorsy type, and we had already paid to park downtown, we decided to check out the mall instead (where we discovered Zara is in the midst of their semi-annual sale, hello!).


Afterwards, we stopped in at Home Sense, then grabbed a veggie & dip platter at the grocery store to combat my hangry-ness, and then it was off to Winners to do some damage.


I got home around 8pm and Marco was out for the evening so I ordered Greek on Wheels for myself and tucked into some Orange is the New Black.  Are any of you watching?  I have three episodes left in season two and I’m trying to prolong it as best I can!


Outfit deets:  Mondetta tank and crops (both new from Winners), Payless flip flops & Lululemon bag.

On Sunday morning I hit the gym with Marco–in my new gym duds, no less–and had a great back workout.

From there, we headed over to Baker Street, again, for brunch.  There is always a line, and this time it was extra long despite it being a rainy and drizzly day, but we had our Tim Hortons coffee to sip while we waited and per usual, it was worth the wait.


I spent the afternoon being lazy until I finally worked up some energy to get ready and filmed.  We grabbed thai for dinner and I spent the evening editing.


Hope you all had a great weekend (no Monday, no!).



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