Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday night I got home and had a headache and a pretty awful day, so I got into my comfy clothes and watched some YouTube in bed.  I decided to whip up some thai chicken lettuce wraps (recipe coming soon!) since I had some chicken in the fridge once I started feeling hungry.  

Outfit deets:  90 Degree by Reflex tank, MPG leggings, Velocity sports bra & Nike Free 3.0.

I chatted with a girlfriend and since Marco was away for the weekend with some friends, I decided to lift my spirits and hit the gym.  I had a good workout and came home and edited my Katy Perry footage into a mini recap video of the concert.

More photos after the jump…


On Saturday morning I was up around 9am and while I normally hit the gym on an empty stomach, I was famished so whipped up an egg + 2 egg whites and a coffee (in the Keurig) which prevented me from complaining–to myself–about my hunger during my workout.

Outfit deets:  Marika Tek tank & MPG shorts and sports bra.

My girl friend picked me up around 1pm and we decided to head to Milestones–again–and enjoy the sunshine on the patio.  

We ate like Kings (Queens?) and stuffed ourselves silly.  I love the food at Milestones, and they recently changed their menus (above) which have a cool look but the same dishes.

Outfit deets:  Profile swimsuit cover up & .

We did a bit of shopping afterwards at Winners and Zellers.  If you’re in Ottawa, have you been to the Zellers in Bells Corners?  It’s like a huge warehouse for all clearance items from The Bay.  We walked in and couldn’t believe how massive the clothes and shoes sections were (and they have mens,  children’s and furniture too!).  

I tried on several items but this Profile swim coverup is still on my mind.  I didn’t purchase it but when I sent the pic to Marco (later that night when I was home), he loved it so I might have to go back for it.

Outfit deets:  Lola playsuit (seem here in Vegas the first time), Iro heels & LJC Designs iPad mini case used as a clutch.

Later that night, I met up with a different friend downtown for some drinks.  We sat outside, people watched and chatted till midnight.

Outfit deets: Kyoden sports bra and pants & 90 Degree by Reflex tank.

I got a late start to Sunday but made my way to the gym around 11am.  Taking photos in the gym can be aw-kward so I snuck into the empty studio space to get my flex on.  Seeing muscle definition (when I flex) is such a huge accomplishment (who’s arm is that?!).  I have been really consistent with my workouts and while the changes are very slow, they are appearing and that’s what counts.  

I stopped weighing myself about two months ago because I was becoming too focussed on the number and getting upset that it was going up / staying the same.  Ultimately, I’m doing my best: working out almost daily, eating fairly healthy (I will always love treats and cocktails) and just doing my best.  If doing your best is parking a bit further, or taking the stairs, so be it.  Every little bit helps, it’s the effort that counts.

I spent Sunday afternoon doing five loads of laundry, cleaning my closet and vacuuming (okay, Rosie the iRobot vacuums, but still…).  I eventually showered and headed out to my grandparent’s place for a big dinner with the family.  It was delicious, per usual, and since I couldn’t decided on red or white, I had both (but ended up only liking the red and having just one glass).  Not seen though, the peanut butter cream pie that was served for dessert (omg).

After dinner I grabbed some groceries at Walmart and went home to see Marco who had just returned from cottage country!  #reunitedanditfeelssogood

Outfit deets:  CoupĂ© top, Joe’s Jeans denim & Iro wedges.

For dinner I kept it simple with skinnies, wedges & a silk top.

Have you guys tried these?  I saw them while grabbing groceries and decided to give them a go.  Verdict is they are awesome because I finished the bag (ack!).  They are made with brown rice but still ‘chips’ so really, eating the entire bag isn’t ideal but these are definitely a wicked substitute for Doritos and GF too.

Hope you had a great weekend yourself & as always, thank you for reading!


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