Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

I feel like the weekend kicked off on Thursday, despite having to work on Friday, because we went to the Bruno Mars concert…

More photos & deets after the jump…

Holy.  Moly.  What an amazing performance!  The photo above is a screen shot of some of the video I captured and it makes me smile.  We were up, dancing and singing for the entire two hours; it was such a great night for the memory bank.

I wanted to surprise Marco with tickets but the show had been sold out since the winter, when tickets went on sale.  I scoured Kijiji but tickets were upwards of $500 for good seats and I wasn’t so sure Marco was that much of a die-hard Bruno fan (haha).  

The day of the concert, they released more tickets and I caught wind of it on Twitter, 15 minutes after they were released.  Quick like a cat, I started refreshing and searching for tickets like nobody’s business until I scored some side-seats in the first bowl for $100 each.  Turns out, we were in the first row right beside the stage!  They were some of the best seats in the house; what luck!

I took a bunch of video footage and will edit it altogether–like the Katy Perry concert video–and will share it this week, so stay tuned.

I stayed at my parent’s place over the weekend to look after Peanut since they were away.  I had plans on Friday night but after leaving Peanut alone all day (and since we were out the night before at the concert, which was impromptu), I didn’t feel good about leaving her alone after I was at work all day. So, I hit the gym after work, grabbed a chicken-strawberry-walnut salad at Sobey’s and spent the evening with my little pup.

Outfit deets:  F21 romper & Gucci shades.

On Saturday, Marco and I travelled to Kingston to spend the day with his parents and family.  We had an awesome BBQ in the backyard with some great weather.

Marco surprised his Dad with with roasted pig–which still kind of grosses me out to look at it!–which was a big hit.  I tried a small piece, it was okay.

We got home late Saturday night since we decided to just make it a day trip since we had Peanut in tow with us, watched a bit of tv and crashed.

On Sunday morning we hit the gym and then…

…met up with Sarah & her hubby and babe for breakfast at Hurley’s.  It was great to catch up and have a little visit before heading off with our days.

Marco went home from there and I headed back to my parent’s place to spend a few more hours with Peanut.  We sat outside on the porch watching some YouTube videos together, you know, girl stuff.

I stopped at the mall on the way home and checked out the Zara sale (different location than a couple weeks ago) and scored this thin-knit sweater above and some black skinny trousers (since I’m obsessed with black pants).

I also tried on these killer light pink suede .  I was torn so I left them but now having had time to think them over, I’m going to go back for them.  I love me a good skate shoe and like to also wear these kinds of shoes to the gym for leg day (flat bottoms are ideal so you keep your weight in your heels).

I ran around and grabbed groceries after and came home and prepared kabobs for us.  Marco manned the BBQ while I did up some wild rice.  The blob is tzatziki as I love to mix that in.

Hope you had a great weekend & hello last week of July!


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