DIY Inexpensive Household Cleaner

Okay you guys, I have the best kept secret when it comes to cleaning my shower and I’m sharing it with you here today.

Here’s a little back story: I hate cleaning the shower.  Like, hate, hate, hate.  It is probably my most dreaded house-hold chore and before Marco and I moved in together, I would seriously let it go as long as possible (did I actually just confess that on the Internet?!  Ew).  

When we were looking for a place to live, we immediately fell in love with this place but my second thought after seeing the beautiful glass shower was, ‘Omigod, I’m going to have to clean that’.  I was cringing before we moved!

Luckily, a good friend shared this ‘recipe’ with me and I have been cleaning the shower like clockwork every weekend.  This little concoction has turned the task into something that’s not so dreadful, plus it doesn’t take much elbow grease, it’s super cheap and relatively good for the environment.  Win, win, win!

Let’s get started.

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What you need:

* White vinegar ($4)

* Dawn ($3)*

* Empty spray bottle ($1)

I have made this five times since we moved in March and I use it to clean the shower, sink, toilet, kitchen sink and the glass top stove.  It works amazing and I would never, ever go back to purchasing those pre-made products like Vim, Mr. Clean or the like; this seriously works better than anything I’ve ever tried.

* I have tried other dish soaps (Sunlight) and it doesn’t work the same.  It has to be Dawn if you want the best results.

Fill your bottle half-way full with the white vinegar.

Then, fill the remainder with Dawn.

Voila, and you’re done!  

I like to spray the shower top to bottom and let it sit for a good 20 minutes (or more).  The longer the better.  Then go in with your bath loofah (or whatever you prefer) and the dirt easily scrubs away–and it gets super sudsy, which I like.

Have a great day, ladies!


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