I’m back from NYC with a whole lot of photos that I’m hoping you would like to see!  While it was a quick trip and we didn’t get to see everything–is that even possible in one trip anyway?–it was a wonderful getaway.  

This post is photo heavy so I’m putting it all after the jump.

We left super early on Thursday morning to fly out.  We flew Porter, which was a really nice change, and took advantage of the lounge at the airport to drink our caffeine and and wake up.

Tons of photos after the jump…


We had a quick stop-over in Toronto and while we waited we munched on some of the salted almonds in the lounge and tea.

…and a friend made this amazing recommendation: Dirienzo sandwiches for the plane.  Hello!  I surprised Marco with his favourite sammie and these hit the spot just before noon.

We flew into Newark and shuttled to NYC which took about half an hour.  We stayed at the Westin in Times Square and this was the view from the 36th floor.

After now having been and staying in the hustle and bustle of it all, next time I would opt for Soho, the West Village, Manhattan, etc.  I said to Marco that if we hadn’t stayed in Times Square this time I probably would have felt like I missed out, but now I feel I got my fix and would prefer a little less congestion 24/7.

On Thursday night we took the subway to the Bronx to catch a game at Yankee Stadium!  Our seats were great, at the top of the second bowl between home-plate and first.  

Marco already had his hat and got me one for the game which was pretty fun to be matchers (you guys know I’m corny like that!).  

…I even got a stadium soft pretzel (my first!), which sadly was not all it’s cracked up to be.  Ha!


The next morning we walked in the blazing heat, almost three kilometres to find The Grey Dog; an amazing breakfast spot that was recommended on a blog I read.

We got lattes and had an amazing meal (and totally worth the walk and hangry-ness despite learning afterwards that we could have taken the subway).

I loved this little fruit vendor on the sidewalk in the Financial District!  I definitely missed having my usual snacks like fruit so this was a cool option for purchase.

We walked over to Ground Zero from breakfast to see the new World Trade Centre tower.  Simply stunning.

Beside it, in place of where the former tower stood, a beautiful, massive, water falling memorial.  It was very moving and quite breath taking.

After collecting ourselves, we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge and had plans to walk it but decided to rent Citibikes instead (the bikes you can unlock with money and ‘rent’ for 30 minute intervals).  Unfortunately, our codes weren’t working and we spent half an hour on the phone with the company with no luck.

Our feet were so sore and there was no way we could walk the bridge so we snapped a pic and decided to head to Century 21 instead where I got…

…some Michael Kors sunnies.

Then it was back on the Subway to head back to our hotel and get ready for our evening.

Later that night…

I had read on Joanna’s blog about the Sunset Sail years ago and always knew that if I ever got to see New York, it was something I’d try to do.  

We bought tickets for the 6pm sail and basically you board an 80-foot schooner, with other people, and are taken out on the Hudson for two hours.  You see the NYC skyline, the harbour front, Jersey, the Brooklyn Bridge and of course, the Statue of Liberty.

The views were literally breath taking and it was a warm night–perfect to be out on the water (I didn’t even need the jacket I brought).

We picked up sandwiches from a restaurant on our way to the Pier to eat onboard which was such a great tip!  I think everyone was a little jealous we had dinner to go along with the three rounds of drinks they serve.

Afterwards, we strolled through the West Village and admired the houses and quiet streets (such a different vibe to Times Square, of course).

Then it was back on the subway and back to Times Square for shopping and street meat.

We found the Rockefellar Centre where the Christmas tree goes and…

…the skating rink (turned restaurant in the summer)!


On Saturday morning we headed to Freeman’s for breakfast–a secret spot in the Lower East Side–which you have to enter from the around the side/back alley way.

After breakfast, we strolled over to Little Italy, walked the main strip and checked out some vendors while watching the restaurants set up their patios for lunch time…

We went and explored Canal Street/Chinatown and then made our way back to Little Italy for a quick lunch at the famous Lombardi’s Pizza.

Then we rushed back to our hotel via subway to get ready for our anniversary dinner.

Outfit deets:  Joe Fresh top, Dynamite faux leather shorts & Shoemint Romy lace-up heels.

We went to Hudson Clearwater, which is another non-tourist/secret spot–the front of the building looks like a shut down store-front but if you go around the side and through a green door, you enter a garden with tables and can enter the restaurant through the back door (I will be doing a full recap in separate posts of all the places we ate it).

We had the most amazing meal.  The restaurant itself is fabulous and it was noisy, bustling and had this great atmosphere.

Happy anniversary to this man.


We were up at 5am on Sunday to pack up and catch our shuttle to Jersey just before 7am.  When we arrived at the airport, they bumped us up to an earlier flight so we actually got home about two hours sooner which was wonderful.

Thanks so much for reading and making it to the end!  Hope you enjoyed this recap and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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