Hello from Barbados!

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been busy preparing for our trip to Barbados!  We arrived yesterday afternoon and have been taking in the sun and sand.  

We are here with five of our friends for a full on vacation and it is so hot (no air conditioning in the house either, except the bedrooms, which is great for sleeping).  We spent the day yesterday at the beach and watched the sunset, came home, got ready and went to dinner at Rude Boys.  We had authentic Bajan food and it was so good.  Most of us called an early night so we were fully refreshed this morning to spend the day at the beach.  

The water here is crystal turquoise and blue, the sand is super soft and fine and the locals are uber friendly.  We sipped on beers all afternoon while hanging out in the ocean, every so often grabbing shade under an umbrella on the beach.  Later we grabbed flying fish sandwiches at a shack bar at the beach.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little bit toasted today, but it was worth the fun afternoon!

Tonight we are headed to a fish fry and later on a party on the beach with an all-you-can-drink party!  Should be a great time and can’t wait to try more of their amazing food on this island.

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