My Workout Style + Cardio Routine

Outfit deets:

* Bench jacket (similar & love this one).

* Mondetta tank (love this one).

* MPG leggings (dark grey, on sale & a personal fave).

* Nike Free 3.0 v5 shoes.

* Dre Beats Solo headphones.

I’m not someone who really enjoys cardio, however, up until about a year ago, it was a huge part of my workout.  I started running about seven years ago, on a treadmill, at the gym.  I had never run before and never thought I could run until a friend shared her running ‘program’ (see below) and I tried it myself and eventually ‘became’ a runner, I guess.  

Over the years, I’ve taken my running outside and at first disliked it but eventually preferring it to running on a treadmill.  The most I have run is 6 kilometres (3.73 miles) and the most I have run without stopping is 5 kilometres–which was a pretty proud day considering when I started, my goal was to run 1 kilometer without stopping!

I have taken a break from running since the Spring, but I have been trying to incorporate more cardio into my workout routine by going for walks at lunch, climbing the stairs in my building and using the bike at the gym (while catching up on my favourite YouTubers).  Every little bit helps.


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I’ve gotten a lot of questions on these headphones and using them for running.  Yes I use them for running and have never had any problems.  These are my second pair of Beats and I love the sound quality and that they stay put on my ears (unlike ear buds that sometimes have a tendency to fall out on me).

As far as gym style goes, you know I’m a huge lover of neutrals but the gym is the one place I love to wear bright, splashy colours.  I think colour looks beautiful on women and for me, it’s a nice change from my usual neutral palette.  

I’m also a firm believer that if you look good, you feel good so put on something that fits well and makes you feel powerful.  I’ve had those days where I’m feeling self-conscious in my workout clothes and it gets progressively worse as my workout goes on.  It might sound crazy but staring at yourself in an outfit that doesn’t feel right doesn’t do me any favours.  Also, if you’re feeling self-concious about a certain body part one day, highlight something you do feel good about.  For instance, if I’m feeling bloated, I’ll wear a bubble top instead of something skin tight.  If you’re feeling down about your arms, throw on a longer sleeved top with shorts to keep you cool.  Little tweaks to your wardrobe can help keep you positive during your workout.

As far as shopping goes, I buy the majority of my workout clothes at Winners & Marshalls.  It’s a hit or miss but I’ve found some amazing pieces.  MPG is by far my favourite (which is the same brand as Mondetta) but I love the 90 Degree by Reflex tanks.  As for shoes, Nike always takes the cake for me.

Start running program (4-minute interval training):

1. Walk one minute at 3.8 mph

2. Jog one minute at 5.0 mph

3. Run one minute at 5.5 mph

4. Spring one minute at 6.2 mph

Repeat the steps above as many times as you want, aiming for 20 – 30 minutes.  Over time, you will develop better lung capacity, endurance and fitness and will slowly only need to take your ‘walking break’ every five, six, seven etc. minutes.  Eventually, you can up your speeds for each interval as well.  Good luck!

Hope you enjoyed this fitness post.  I will be sharing some of my strength training workouts over the coming weeks to give you an idea of what I try to do when I go to the gym.

Photos by Serena Rivard.



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