A Look Back at December


December was a very busy month (for everyone!) and my main focus was to be organized for the holidays to avoid unnecessary stress and getting sick.  Last year, I got really sick just before the holidays just from getting totally run down and stressing myself out over all there is to do.  So, this year, my plan was to start early and be as organized as possible–something that isn’t naturally my strong suit.


In December we celebrated Marco’s birthday at our place with friends.  The next day, we headed to Toronto for a long weekend away to celebrate just the two of us.  We stayed downtown at the Sheraton and ate at some great places, did some shopping and enjoyed the city.  I shared vlogs of our three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


I tried to get to the gym as much as possible but also tried not to give myself a hard time when I didn’t (just with it being such a busy time trying to cook, clean, decorate, buy and wrap gifts and generally hold it altogether).  However, I did share my shoulders workout.  I got a couple new phone cases for the iPhone 6 (white haired girl & lips), we hosted a Secret Santa evening with 16 friends (cut to the 14 minute mark on this video to see some footage of the party) and I got a almond manicure.


I went snowboarding a couple times, finished wrapping gifts, shared my Holiday Lookbook video, and hosted a turkey dinner for fun.  My BFF and I did our annual gift exchange, I went to Marco’s Christmas party and picked up some new boots (I switched out the laces for black ones).  Lastly, we celebrated our third Christmas together with both our families.




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