Build Your Booty Workout

Today I’m sharing an at-home booty and legs workout.  While I do hit the gym for my workouts, these are all moves I do and that can be done anywhere.

Since leg day is something I always do on my own, this is my own routine I’ve come up with that works for me.  I find leg day takes the longest workout to bang out, but I always leave with shaky limbs and sore muscles days afterwards–which proves it’s working!

One quick tip before we get into the workout: don’t forget to consume some sort of protein within 30 minutes post-workout (I like Muscle Farm Combat in Milk Chocolate because it’s quick, but if you’re not into protein powder, chicken, fish and eggs are great sources).  Your muscles are torn and need protein to build and repair.  If you don’t consume protein after your workout, your muscles are not being fed and therefore cannot grow and tone to their full potential.

Now, onto the workout! 

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Lunges are great to work the back of your legs, the front of your legs and your butt.  Also, while you know you’re working the back leg, the front leg is getting a workout at the same time stabilizing your body.

For this move, feel free to hold hand weights or, my preference lately, elevate your back leg on a workout bench.  This is a bit of a balancing act, so I don’t tend to hold weights, but if you’re just starting, follow the photos to ensure you have proper form.  Another option is a walking lunge which I like to hold 10lb dumbbells for and take a little ‘tour’ around the gym.

This is a simple move you could do when the commercials come on during your fave show or to super set a different workout.  Of course here we are doing it as part of the leg workout which is great.  If a minute is too long, try starting with 30 seconds and working your way up.

Squats are my ‘favourite’ and I often superset any workout I’m doing (ie. shoulders, back, arms or chest) with a set of squats.  When I’m doing these at the gym, I use the squat rack and aim to squat a total of 95lbs (including the bar which is 45lbs).  Remember, don’t focus on the numbers, focus on your form.  As you build muscle, you will be able to increase your weight and keep your form on point.

If you’re new to these, start without weights and perfect your form.  If you want to use weights in a different way, you can hold a heavy dumbbell in your hands at chest level and as you sit back, one end should narrowly miss touching the floor (I like to use 30lbs for that).

These bridge raises are awesome and I have done them since I was a teenager in my bedroom at night.  Make sure you squeeze your butt to really fatigue your muscles.  If you’re looking to incorporate an inner leg workout, when at the top, you can open and close from the knees in a regular motion for 30 reps, and then pulse for 30 reps.  Guaranteed to get your booty burning!

Photos by Serena Rivard.


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