Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Casual Friday in my current fave wedge snow boots (still available!).

Friday night didn’t exactly go as planned; we were planning to a host a board game night but it fell through due to lack of participation and then there was a snowstorm and snow squall warnings so our follow-up plans didn’t pan out either.  

I ended up coming home and making these two-ingredient pancakes and added a scoop of vanilla protein (I seriously make these at least twice a week, but often more, for snacks and breakfast) and we watched a movie.

Outfit deets:  Joe fresh top, Lululemon tank, Mondetta leggings (similar) & Aldo leg warmers (old; similar & I like these).

Saturday morning, post gym, pre shower.

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Marco made breakfast, and we spent the afternoon doing stuff around the condo.

I started to collect all the Christmas decor but got distracted by some cashews.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the tree taken down due to us totally procrastinating and doing fun things instead, ha.

I did, however, purge and organize my closet.  I’m still selling stuff on my @shopacoest1984 Instagram page if you’re interested; I will be taking them to the consignment shop later this week though.

Marco made a beer can chicken!  It was tasty and I whipped up a caesar salad to go with it for an easy Saturday night meal.

Sunday morning we headed to Mont. Saint Marie…

(Sunglasses inside because I am wearing zero make-up)

The view from the other side of the mountain was stunning–I will admit, pulling off my mitt, then trying to fumble with my phone and a glove, pull up the camera with my nose on the touch screen?  A little bit silly, but I love documenting life with photos–keeps the memories alive.

Later we grabbed lunch in the chalet.; I had a poutine!  I don’t normally go for that but what the heck!  Once in a while isn’t terrible and it was so delicious.

This was halfway down the black diamond hill Marco ‘surprised’ me with (saying a little prayer, j/k!).  I’m not a strong snowboarder, but have been improving with practice this year.  I’d say I’m a low intermediate, at best, and while I didn’t exactly do a great job on the black diamond, I did and what a feeling!

Later Sunday night we had some friends over for the football game and one of them brought a caesar station #myfave.  I shared a Snapchat pic of this so come follow along if you’d like (I’m acoest1984).

Hope you had a great weekend!  Any fun plans for the cold month of January?


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