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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts and I’ve been trying to snap photos of meals over the past three months or so to give you a rounded idea of what I eat.  I love seeing these types of posts from others, so here we go…

I’m not one to eat in the food court at the mall but Marco somehow twisted my arm a couple months ago and I have to say this General Tao chicken and noodles were delicious (and a bit of a guilty pleasure).

I hadn’t made a tortilla soup in years so I tried this recipe which turned out great (I cheated and used a BBQ chicken from he grocery store).  I happened to have tortilla shells on hand that needed to be used up, so I cut them into strips and fried them for a more authentic taste and treat.

More food after the jump…

This is a typical lunch for me, Monday through Friday.  I love the Super 7 kale salad and usually pick up a bag or two per week and eat it over the five days.  I pour it onto a plate, sprinkle with the cranberries and pumpkin seeds it comes with and try to keep the dressing to a minimum.  I love that you can find this at almost all grocery stores now.

You guys know how obsessed I am with .  I always add a scoop of protein now and eat these for breakfast or a snack any time of day.  If I’ve already eaten eggs, I’ll just use egg whites.

This was a special dinner for a friend’s birthday.  She requested pasta with a rose sauce and shrimp.  I tried my hand at a vodka sauce and it actually turned out so well!  I topped the plate with fresh cut basil and parmesan petals.  Pasta is probably a once-monthly meal in our household, even though I love it.

One of my favourite meals!  I’m obsessed with Vietnamese food and any time we want a quick, cheap meal out, this is usually the winner (although Marco would almost always prefer Thai). 

This was a regular evening–when I’m cooking for just myself, I can make something really basic and be happy, but with the man is another story.  Here I made some grilled chicken, quinoa and boiled beets.  I love dessert and have a major sweet tooth so my rationale is to get the most nutrients in during my main dish so I can have a treat afterwards!

Weekend splurge!  We hit up Five Guys one day for burgers and fries.  I’m a huge burger lover, but mostly in the summertime when we can BBQ.  I don’t really eat fast food but this would be an exception every few months–so good (and that is most definitely a double burger)!

This was last month at a potluck we went to at a friend’s place.  I loaded up on veggies, kabobs and salad and splurged on the egg roll.

I’m loving Ferrero Rocher this year.  Definitely a pricier chocolate and one that I would receive for Christmas and it would always play second fiddle to the Lindor chocolates, but not lately!  If I need a chocolate treat in the afternoon or evening, this is something I love to have (one, or a few).

We usually go out to breakfast every other weekend, never anything fancy, just your standard eggs-bacon-toast joint which is right up my alley.  I frequently swap out my bacon/meat for tomatoes but I can not give up the home fries!

My daily caffeine fix is a Tim Hortons steeped tea.  That said, I had been loving an instant coffee (I know, so odd) my girl friend turned me onto for a while in an attempt to save a bit of money on the daily, however, I still prefer tea.

This was one evening in Tremblant where we went out for a late dinner and I ordered a chicken taco salad.  It seems like a good, healthier choice but I have a hard time not eating the bowl after the fact!

Finally, a snack that I frequently munch on in the afternoon: hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese with fruit and water.  I’m still trying to get my three litres of water in a day, which can be a bit of a challenge but I give it my best shot.

Let me know if you enjoy these types of posts and I’ll share them more frequently.  Happy Friday!


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