Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps | Tremblant Ski Weekend

Hi ladies, sorry for the late recap–I’ve been fighting an awful cold since mid-last week and I needed to rest up in bed today in hopes that the rest of the week is better.  

That said, over a month ago, Marco and I started planning a long-weekend getaway with our friends.  Similar to last Summer when we rented a cottage in Fiddler Lake, this time, a ski getaway at a beautiful cottage in Mont. Tremblant.  Since I was seriously fighting a nasty cold leading up to it, I made the best of it as I could, but forgo-ed major partying in lieu of sleep while others had way more fun #wompwomp…

The 13 of us stayed at this seven bedroom cottage just outside Tremblant village which was right on the water (and only a five minute drive to the hill).  There was a large kitchen, comfortable living room and three bathrooms which was perfect for the large group.

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As we did last summer, we did a huge grocery shop for the group so we could do family-style meals which, while kind of tedious and time consuming, seemed to work out well.  We hit up Costco for the goods and planned two dinners, a big breakfast, and various snacks for the three days.

The first day it was just me and the boys as we went up early to get an extra day of riding in.  It was pretty cold at -20C but the sun was shining and Eric took us down a couple runs we’d never seen before which was great.

Back at the chalet, the rest of the gang had arrived and started up a fire just in time to settle in with a hot chocolate to warm up.

Marco and one of our friends prepared the dinner (I was ordered out of the kitchen since I was sick) and we had a huge tortellini meal with sausage, caesar salad and garlic bread–so good!

Jacket: Burton Horizon (in orange/plum) // Pants: Burton Harper (in keef; similar) // Boots: Burton Sapphire (in red; love these

The next morning we suited up to hit the slopes again.  I was feeling pretty rough so I popped some Buckley’s and does that stuff ever work well!  Definitely not the right way to recovery, but I was looking forward to this weekend for so long and that helped get me through.

The P’tit Caribou is a hot après ski spot in the village that we hit up for (free) popcorn and beer (for the others).

Then it was home for dinner and bed for me (parties for the others).

Sweater: Nitrogen // Tee: Lulu’s // Leggings: Urban Planet (similar) // Legwarmers: vintage (belonged to my Mom; similar) // Goggles: Oakley Canopy

After a long snow-stormy drive home we made it home.

Bed, soup, YouTube and repeat were my itinerary for Sunday and today and I finally feel like I’m on the mend.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you had a great (and healthy) weekend.


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