March Plank Challenge

The other night, my bestie and I were at the gym, like old times, and we decided to do something a little bit crazy for March…

A plank challenge!

First off, let me tell you how much I hate planks:  I hate them.

We used to work out together every day during the week and would plank almost every day, usually three times per workout.  We were fondly remembering our best plank to date (2 minutes, 30 seconds) when we decided to set up a challenge we would do together, every evening, in our respective homes.  A plank a day, adding five seconds per day.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Wrong!  Have you seen the looks of March 13th onwards?  Two minutes and it just continues to climb.

I thought it would be more fun if we did it together.  Any takers?  I always tell myself when I’m doing anything that sucks during a workout and I just have one minute longer that, ‘I can do anything for a minute’.  It still sucks, but it’s true!  And you can too!

Will you join us?  Comment below to tag yourself in and let’s do this!!!  Here’s to a stronger core by April 1 (you know I need it)!


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