Climbing the Duomo in Florence

On our third, and final day, in Florence, we stood in line to get tickets and climb the Duomo–a huge cathedral (above) that you can climb over 500 stairs to the top, outside, look out and see the entire city.

After spending about half an hour in line to buy tickets, and hardly moving, we decided to split up; I went to stand in the get-in line, while Marco continued to wait to buy the tickets. Everything was going well until the rain started…

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Fortunately, we brought jackets with hoods and two compact umbrellas from home, however, that didn’t ease the blow of the four hour wait, in total!  It was pouring rain and freezing cold, but we stuck it out and I’m so glad we did.

When you get in, you climb through tiny stairwells before emerging at the halfway point to a narrow walk-way that circles the church below.  You can look down and see the above or look up and see the beautiful paintings on the ceiling (below).

We climbed, and climbed, and climbed, over 500 stairs, until we finally emerged at the top!  It was still pouring rain, and there were tons of people but it was totally worth it to see the city view and experience something so special.

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