Leather & Camo in Florence


We are having an amazing time in Italy, with tons and tons of walking and even more eating–eek!  It’s true what they say, in Florence at least, about the cobblestone streets and heels not mixing, although the Italians do it.  

I’ve been rocking my trusty Pumas  for the majority of our trip because I totally packed wrong…

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  The weather has been quite chilly, especially at night, and I packed three pairs of shoes: gladiator sandals, bright sandal wedges and the Pumas.  

I wore the gladiator sandals out the first night for dinner and (1) looked ridiculous–and like a total tourist–while everyone else was sporting boots, and (2) the strap  on my sandals broke!  So needless to say, I’ve been wearing my kicks now during the day and night.

Also, hope you don’t mind the lack of Weekend Snaps, just a short hiatus in lieu of daily posts from Italy instead.  Also, you can see more pix of our trip on Insta under the hashtag #acomspinitaly .  I’m acoest1984, if you’d like to follow along and Marco has a few pictures up too.


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