Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Maison Scotch jacket (similar; real leather) // Dynamite top // Guess denim (similar) // American Eagle necklace // Givenchy bag

I have always loved flares, and have several pairs in my closet, but skinnies are definitely my go-to–especially for winter and tucking into boots.  That said, they are making a major come-back this Spring and I couldn’t be more excited!  I took the opportunity to rock a pair for Casual Friday.

Friday night gym sesh.  We didn’t work out while in Italy, and although we walked a lot, all that pasta, pizza and wine had me feeling kind of… bleh.  

I planned to get back on the horse, and went on Monday morning since I took the day off to recover from jet-lag, and then said jet-lag killed me in the two days after and a social commitment on the third day, so, Friday it was.  I did a heavy arm workout and took my time and my triceps are still sore!

When I got home, Marco had cooked up a storm for us–including a pasta that was inspired by Italy!  Needless to say, I think the workout was canceled out by the buttery delicious sauce.

!  I craved these hard in Italy, especially since breakfast is tons of pastries and cappuccino (not that I minded that much).

BTW, I’ve been added a scoop of oatmeal instead of a scoop of protein (which is an add-on to the main ingredients) since I’ve been out.  They are definitely easier to cook and stay together more, but the flavour isn’t as rich so I’ve alternated between adding cinnamon or unsweetened coconut.

Saturday morning gym mesh with Marco–shoulders.

Then we met up with my parents for breakfast to catch up and share the details of our trip!

Later in the afternoon, I decided to head out to the mall to do a bit of shopping for my next video.  I tried on this pretty coat from H&M but left it behind (but did score several items that I will be sharing soon!).

Sunday morning–no snow!  So exciting to see the water without ice, finally.

Pre-ski pancakes.

We headed up to Tremblant as they opened for one last ski weekend!  We were pumped because it’s been a really long, and cold winter (we’re talking averages of -30C for three months straight).  Most times we were skiing in temperatures of -10C to -25C so the thought of skiing without jackets was unbelievable!

We left just after 9am and with a couple stops, it’s just under two hours to get there so we were on the slopes before noon.  There were several runs that were open, and it wasn’t too busy but there were also muddy-grassy patches to be avoided too!  I even took a little jump (video here).

Such a cool experience, Spring Skiing.


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