Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


I spent Friday evening at the Genuis Bar at the Apple store, attempting to get my MacBook fixed.  It’s been really slow lately and editing videos has become so difficult and much lengthier due to this.  Unfortunately I have to go back tonight and try another route.


When I got home, Marco had cooked up a storm for us for dinner.  I’m so happy BBQ season is here; who’s with me?!  We spent the evening relaxing and got an episode of Game of Thrones in (I just started this show and Marco is re-watching it with me; I never, ever thought I’d be into it but I was totally hooked after the first episode!  We are now on the second season and my guilty pleasure each night is to watch it!).



Saturday morning at the gym, and then onto….



…breakfast at our old stompin’ grounds!  Also, I SnapChatted my way through the weekend and had a pretty lengthy story going (I’m ‘acoest1984’ if you’re interested).


romper // necklace


We ran a bunch of errands, did a bit of shopping and then went home to do a bit of house-work and I filmed a couple videos (which am hoping to edit this week, provided my laptop gets fixed).

necklace // jumpsuit (similar)



That evening we went to a surprise party which was a total hit.  I brought a veggie platter and some fresh white wine, and the host BBQ’ed for us.  It was a great night.


playsuit (similar) // bralette (similar) // sandals (purchased in Italy) (similar)


After the gym on Sunday morning I went to my parent’s place and my Dad did the ol’ tire swap for me and I cleaned my winter tires/rims and put them into storage.


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