Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


On Friday I went to visit my girlfriend and her new baby boy, Lukas (see a pic of us here at her baby shower back in March).  What a sweetheart!  Although I’m not ready for a baby quite yet, I love holding, feeding and fawning over them.  They are so little for such a short period of time, it’s really special to meet them brand new.

On Saturday morning…


Marco and I hit the gym but ended up working out separately since our workouts didn’t line up (he was doing shoulders and I was on arms).  Afterwards we got shakes–ugh, I could seriously drink this Funky Monkey concoction everyday (banana, chocolate protein, natural peanut butter & milk).

I wanted to get a little shopping in on Saturday afternoon so I went to Chuck’s Deli first, to fuel up.  This is another spot I absolutely love–they make the best paninis! I always get the bacon-chicken on multi-grain and the lentil salad.  

It’s just a small convenience store with a dry-cleaner and a deli but the food is so freaking good.  They even have a large dessert fridge with the most delicious looking cakes and pastries (there was even a GF cheesecake on the weekend!).


I spent a few hours poking around Bed, Bath & Beyond, Marshalls and Winners but left empty handed from all #wompwomp

At Marshalls (Trainyards location, for my local Ottawa ladies) I was shocked to see this Givenchy Antigona!  This is a newer style with the black and white–they had it at Luisa Via Roma when I was in Italy.


On Saturday night we went to Salt for dinner (remember my disappointing breakfast experience?  Redeemed!) for a friend’s birthday with about 15 of our friends.  The food was superb and the birthday girl was surprised–a win win!

We totally overslept on Sunday after a super late night out so this was for lunch, ha!  After eating and getting dressed for the gym we decided we were too tired (read: hungover) for that business so we just stayed home and relaxed instead.

We decided to venture out for Vietnamese food for a late dinner–no complaints here, I could eat this everyday.  Also, totally need to get some groceries.


And capturing the most beautiful sunset on Sunday night.

Hope you had a great weekend!  

Here’s hoping for warm weather, fun with friends and new shoes (maybe?) this week.  Happy June 1st!


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