Wake-Boarding Vlog

I’m so pumped for this video slash this day because I went wake-boarding for the first time and did it!  I had tried once before, maybe 10 years ago but couldn’t get up, and today, on my first try, I got up.  Success!  I think all those weekends spent snowboarding during the winter and incorporating heavy weights into my workout routine has paid off.

So the jist of the day is that friends invited a bunch of us out on their boat for a day of wake-boarding and wake-surfing.  It was super hot, sunny and a perfect day to be on the water–what a treat!  We all took turns and alternated between the two sports.  

I didn’t try wake-surfing (ultimately surfing behind the boat, without a rope and no bindings holding you to the board!) but might give it a shot next time.  For now, I’m pretty stoked I managed the board and even took a couple mini jumps, by accident of course, but still landed them.

Thanks for watching! xo


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