Media Preview of Simons in Gatineau

Last night, I was invited to attend the media preview of the new Simons that is opening in Gatineau.  I have always loved Simons when in Montreal, so was excited they asked me to come out and have a sneak peek.

I’d love to share more photos if you’d like to see..

The store has it’s grand opening today, Thursday, August 13, and workers were still putting the finishing touches on it last night during the tour.

Simons is a Canadian, family-owned large-scale specialty boutique that can compete easily with Nordstrom.  The CEO and Owner, Peter Simons gave us the tour himself which was really cool.  He spoke about the company, the clothes, the designs and their concepts, all in an incredibly humble and laid-back way.  He even touched upon their vision, reducing their carbon footprint and how he thinks dressing isn’t about a label, per say, but a mix of high and low pieces to cultivate your own, personal style.   Definitely something I loved about him and this store’s outlook.

They carry lines that would appeal from junior to seniors, with price points ranging on budget friendly, all the way to beautiful designer pieces; I spotted this stunning Phillip Lim winter coat, Stan Smith sneakers, tons of Under Armour, mid-range jewellery and of course the super trendy Chloe Drew bag.

The art installation above was done by Julie Trembay (below), a Brooklyn-based artist with obvious incredible talent.  It took a year from first conception to finalization, which was so neat to hear her speak about.  As someone who has never been schooled in art, I definitely learned a lot and gained a newfound knowledge of that world.


 Photos by Erin Heather.


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