Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday afternoon we headed out of town to our friend’s cottage to spend a long weekend.

Tons more photos after the jump…

The cottage is located on an island, only accessible by boat and just beautiful.  Our friend picked us up and later went back to grab the others as they arrived.

Shortly after we arrived it started to pour rain!  Fortunately it passed after an hour and the rest of the weekend was beautiful.

We ended up having dinner around 10pm, which worked out as that was when the last of the friends arrived.  Marco BBQ’ed his signature chicken and the girls whipped up grilled veggies and Ceasar salad.  Great food and company.

We slept in a bunkee on the property which was a smaller cottage with two bedrooms and a joint bathroom.  It was really nice and like a mini private cottage for just us in the evenings!

The next morning, we all piled into the boat to head out for a ride and later onto do some cliff jumping!

…and a little dip in the lake off the diving board.

I totally forgot to snap a pic of our dinner, but we had another huge BBQ with marinated pork chops, corn on the cob and salad.

Then we all piled back in the boat to head to another island where we hiked up to the top to lookout at the beautiful sunset.  Unfortunately we missed it by a few minutes, but the view was still beautiful.

Throwing sticks for the dog.

We ended up crashing before everyone else as we had to be up super early to head back into the city for Marco’s golf tournament.



While he golfed, I got my nails off and got a manicure.  I am sad to give up the long nails, but they kept breaking and I was getting frustrated having to go back for broken nails.  My nails are definitely longer than normal, but they are super thin and brittle, so I don’t anticipate they will look this nice for long!

Finally, dinner on Sunday night.  Marco and I have started a new tradition where we go out for Vietnamese food after his golf tournaments–which is bi-weekly.  It’s such a nice way to end the weekend too, enjoy a meal and some down time.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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