Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

On Friday evening, I headed to the gym and rounded out the week of going every. single. night.  This doesn’t happen every week, by any means, but I had a goal to get there and did it… and then took the weekend off!

Usually on Friday nights we order take-out or sometimes go out, but I wanted to keep it healthy so cooked up some dinner for us and we spent the evening just relaxing at home.

Saturday morning !  If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw all this and the new protein I was trying.


Then I grabbed a coffee at McDonalds and walked home to get a little exercise in since I wasn’t heading to the gym because…


…I had an audition at a modelling agency… and was freaking out!  Again, if you follow on Snapchat (I’m acoest1984), you saw all about this.  I didn’t talk about it anywhere else, I only told three people before I went and wanted to cancel about five times before the appointment. 

It was definitely an interesting experience, the Agency suggested I get into acting, and take some classes–which is so… not something I ever thought of doing.  For now, I’m going to wait and think about it.  I’m not ready to dive into that right now and want to focus more time here and on my YouTube channel, but I’m glad I pushed myself to go.  Ultimately, I can say I went for it, and hey, no regrets!

My ‘reward’ afterwards was to head to Place d’Orleans and get my shopping done for my next video.  I grabbed some lunch from Farmboy, ate in the car and then went in to do some damage.

I was shopping for Fall fashion and loved this grid/pane wool skirt but had a more plaid item in mind.  Also loved this suede skirt but you’ll have to wait for the video to see what I picked up!


I’m loving floppy hats for Fall!  H&M has a few cute ones, this grey one included, but my large head didn’t quite fit it.

After a full day, I met up with Marco for Vietnamese food (of course we did!) since he had been golfing.  We seriously wolfed this down in 15 minutes–so hungry!

We spent the evening in, I did some cleaning and it was nice to have a Saturday night in with no plans.  I love being social and going out with our friends, but the Summer has been pretty busy, so down time is always great.

On Sunday morning, my girlfriend came over and we did a trial make-up look for her wedding.  She’s not having the best luck with make-up artists and we are getting close to the big day so I offered to try my hand at it.  Verdict: kudos to the make-up artists, this is a tough job!

Saturday afternoon shoot–lovely sunshine and my new floppy hat (that fits my big head).

And finally, we rounded out the weekend watching the second episode of The Fear of the Walking Dead.  Are any of you watching this?!  It’s freaky!  I’m not a zombie-show lover, but Marco convinced me to get into this with him and while the suspense kills me, it’s really good!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Holy smokes it’s the last day of August!


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