Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Hi ladies–happy Monday.

We are finally back in town after being away for a week for Marco’s Dad’s passing.  The weekend was very busy, but not very photo worthy and obviously lots of sad moments.  We did, however, have a beautiful celebration of his life and so many friends and family came to support us and share their love and stories.

Thank you all for your messages, tweets, comments and more during this time.  Your support is so appreciated.

We had several of our friends come down for the service, which was so wonderful.  Seeing those faces was really special.  We actually had an hour afterwards, for the first time in a week, to go and grab a drink with them before they headed back home too.  We sat on a patio, on the water in Kingston, and it was a really nice, brief, distraction.

Hope you all had a great weekend, thank you again for the kind words and virtual hugs and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new outfit post!

Cheers xo


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