Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


On Friday, we had a bunch of friends over to watch the Jays game.  Such a disappointing end, but what a great run.  I’m not huge into sports but was definitely rooting for them.  On the flip side, we had a ton of amazing food.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Kingston to visit Marco’s mom…


We spent the afternoon doing yard work and helping her get ready for the winter.  I picked hundreds of apples of this tree–just to lighten the tree, as most of them were rotten by now.  That said, I always thought apple picking might be something fun to do, but I think I’ve had my fix for a while.

Also, it was so cold!  I pulled out the winter jacket for our weekend away and boy am I glad I did.  I forgot to pack gloves so Marco lent me his football gloves.

We went to Mino’s to grab Greek take-out for dinner–so good!  Highly recommend if you’re ever in Kingston.

This is totally random, but, I hate socks.  I rarely wear them, even in my boots in the winter, despite owning several pairs.  That said, I never think to pack them when we go away but this weekend was so chilly I couldn’t warm up (even when indoors).  

Marco took me to Walmart and I grabbed these and these which should get me through the winter.  I normally will only wear ankle socks, if any, but I kind of love how the ones above look.  Plus, full shoe-to-pant coverage.  After that was just pure toasty-ness and I think I might be turning a new leaf…

We went to a new spot for breakfast on Sunday, Fardella’s Classic Bakery, an boy was it good.  A full bakery with a small eating section, that serves breakfast and lunch.  It was packed and smelt amazing because of all the baked goods–so tempting not to get one of those massive fritters below!


Then we roamed around Home Depot–did you see all my snaps?  I was Snapchatting up a storm on the weekend.  I’m acoest1984 if you’d like to follow along; mini video clips of life.

Then we headed home in time for dinner.  

I made myself a quick and easy quinoa bowl and did some work before we crashed.

Hope you had a great weekend! 


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