Friday Finds

Happy Friday & welcome to the weekend!  I’m definitely ready for sleeping in and relaxing a bit.  I’m planning to film a video this weekend and just take it easy.  Next week I’m re-starting the Article Club and we will be reading this one if you’d like to share your thoughts.  Have a great weekend!

I’m giving away two tickets to the Booby Ball in Ottawa for next Friday!

So pretty.

9 Snapchat tricks you might not know.

Simple but handy etiquette tips.

Just picked up these & it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Why girls should get strong, not skinny.

Loving this song.

Revealing portraits of heavily tattooed people.

(Photo of a common dinner at our place: chicken rice bowls with mixed greens, black beans & random veggies or whatever I can find in the fridge thrown in.  Topped with tons of Sriracha and an over-easy egg.  Cheers!)




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