Workouts for Women | Bicep & Tricep Routine

Hi ladies!  A few of you ask me what I like to do at the gym and I’m a big fan of lifting heavy weights.  I’ve been lifting for over two years and even more seriously since May.  I’m finally starting to see some muscle build and definition–but still a long way to go.

I know lifting weights can be intimidating, it was for me because I was such a cardio fanatic for many years.  That said, now I really enjoy lifting weights and for the first time in my life, my body is slowly starting to change.   I wanted to share with you what I do, as it’s pretty simple, in a video below…

Today I’m showing you what I would do for a typical arm workout.  I usually do about three to four ‘moves’ for each muscle group.  Which means three to four bicep moves and three to four tricep moves.  A typically arm workout will take me around 45 minutes, which includes plenty of time to rest in between sets to build your strength back up and grab water.

I like to superset my arm workout which means you do your first set (~10 reps of triceps) and then quickly jump into the next move (for ~10 reps of biceps) before resting.  That completes one.  I like to do this because (1) it gets the heart rate up and keeps it up, and (2) you can get a more intense workout done in a shorter amount of time if needed.

Hope this is helpful, leave me any questions you have below and let me know if you want to see more fitness videos.

Thanks for watching! xo

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