New Condo Sneak Peek

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’ve been waiting for a condo to be built that I purchased over three years ago.  Well ladies, the time is finally here and I’m closing next week!

The other day, I had my pre-delivery inspection to ensure everything looks good, but more importantly, see the unit for the first time.  Since I purchased this from a floorplan, walking into the condo was a little surreal and I’d love to share some photos with you…


When you enter the condo, you enter essentially into the kitchen.  I’m standing in the kitchen looking back at the ‘front door’ in this photo, and on the left is the open den I converted into a closed room.  I also had them move the closet to where it is now and add the mirrored doors.

Turn around, and you’re in the kitchen.  When choosing my finishes, I went back and forth before deciding on a tuxedo style kitchen with dark lowers and white uppers for the cabinetry.  I love the way it turned out.  

I chose light floors since the space is small and wanted to open it up as much as possible–I love how airy it makes our current space feel, so although I love dark floors, I thought this was the better choice.


The master bedroom had a smaller face for the closet (two doors) so I swapped that out and had them install mirrored doors as well.  The changes I made were all structural at the beginning before the hole was dug for the building. 

There is one bathroom and I went with the same cabinetry as the lowers in the kitchen, since it is off that room.  I moved the medicine cabinet to over the sink and asked them to install a mirrored door to make things a bit more functional.  

I was pleasantly surprised at how wide this room is, you could have someone stand at the counter and someone else one the door and not bump them, which is quite nice.

This sliding door is in the master bedroom, but there is also a swinging door off the living room to accommodate the balcony.

I know several of you have asked about living in the condo, and after much discussion and debate, we will not be moving there.  That said, still uber excited to take possession of this place and it was so nice to finally see it.

Thank you so much for your continued support & excitement surrounding this big step in my life.  I’ve loved sharing this with you, and the questions on progress over the years has been so sweet.  I’ll definitely keep you updated per usual.

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