Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps + Christmas Pics

Good morning ladies!  Happy Monday & post Christmas week!

I wanted to do a round up of Christmas in this edition of the Weekend Recap since it all kind of bled together.  We had three wonderful days off, that were busy and relaxing so onto the snaps.

Christmas Eve is my Dad’s birthday, and I shared this photo on Instagram

…we are normally covered in snow this time of year, but we had a green Christmas and my Dad got to ride his motorcycle with twenty friends on his birthday for the first time ever.  After their group lunch, they headed to the Harley dealership where Marco and I showed up and then they brought out a cake.  He was totally surprised and it was a great afternoon gathering.

One of the bikers had the sweetest dog that had gone along for the ride and was wearing goggles!  So sweet.

From there, we headed out to Kingston to spend the evening with Marco’s family for Christmas.  We feasted and opened gifts late into the night.


…As seen on Snapchat; I’m acoest1984

Christmas morning drive back to Ottawa–sunny and green!  

Christmas outfit; full post coming soon.

Upon arrival at my parent’s place, my Mom made us some Irish coffee to get the the festivities going and we opened some gifts.  I’ll be sharing a Christmas Favourites video this week, like I did last year.


For dinner, we had a full turkey spread–my favourite!  My Grandparents came and the six of us had a great evening.  My sister and her family were at her in-laws and we will be doing a separate dinner and exchange with them this week.

And this is the first photo I took on Boxing Day, Thai take-out for dinner–such a lazy day!  In the past, I have loved heading out on the best shopping day of the year, but I am getting less patient with huge crowds so I shared my online picks and stayed in.  It was needed and awesome to be lazy for a full day.

On Saturday evening, we were invited to our friends’ place for a casual get together–I wore this new sweater I got for Christmas (thank you, Mom, for reading my Black Friday post!) and we heard about everyone’s Christmases.

Sunday was even lazier–literally a day in bed, catching up on YouTube subscriptions and relaxing.  December is so stressful and busy, plus I was sick a couple weeks ago, it was well needed to literally do nothing. 

We did end up venturing out for Vietnamese food around 7pm and grabbed a few groceries on the way home.

Hope you had a great weekend and wonderful Christmas!  As always, thanks for reading. xo


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