Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps




On Friday night we headed out for an impromptu date night.  It was raining all day and since we were trying to film my Holiday Lookbook, I was all made up.  I threw on the hat in an attempt to save my hair from the weather. 



We went to Milestones and had an amazing meal.  Even though we usually go for stand-alone restaurants, this place is one we really love.  I tried a Moscow Mule for the first time and discovered I have been seriously missing out!  #whydidntanyonetellme





We stopped back at home quickly to change since we decided to head to a movie.  Twice in a week you guys–this is a serious record for someone like me that doesn’t like going to the movies!


We saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II and it did not disappoint.  Like the others before it, it was intense and action packed.  I really enjoyed it.




On Saturday morning, after we finished filming, we headed up to Mont. Tremblant for opening ski weekend.  We have seasons passes for this year and were so excited to get out on the slopes!






As you can see, there wasn’t a ton of snow!  The last time we were here, for Spring skiing, it looked similarly, but you could ski to the bottom.  This time, despite making snow for a week, you could only ski about halfway down, grab a lift and head back to the summit.  The conditions were pretty awful, but we still had fun.




At the bottom of the hill.




We grabbed a late lunch at La Forge–one of our favourite spots in Tremblant.  I got the veggie burger which is essentially like a falafel patty and so good.  That said, Marco’s fries were too tempting to resist!





Later that evening, we met up with our friends for dinner at Mille Pates and it did not disappoint.  This restaurant is located in Saint Jovite, about 10 minutes outside of Tremblant Village and a small Italian eatery. 


The atmosphere is warm and our server could have potentially been the owner.  The food was fresh and home-made and so good.  We sat and chatted for hours over wine and pasta and we will definitely go back.





Back at the chalet, we lit up a fire and watched a bit of tv.





The view the next morning: it was snowing!


We had planned to ski the next day but Marco’s knee was bothering him, so after quick breakfast, we decided to just head home early since I had a bunch of editing work to get done.





Take-out & editing for 11 hours straight.  Can’t wait to share this Holiday Lookbook with you ladies!


Hope you had a great weekend!


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