Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


And we’re back in Ottawa!  We flew home from Florida on Saturday morning and it was a little depressing seeing the snow as we landed.  I am definitely a warm weather girl at heart, but having a little time away does break up a the winter a bit, so there’s that.

On Saturday night, we went out with my family to a banquet dinner.  We dressed up and the dinner was at Ferme Rouge.  Little did we know we were in for quite a show!  

The servers are all performers and singers and they put on an amazing show in between courses and into the evening.  They all took turns singing and sometimes it was a solo artist, sometimes it was a group and there was plenty of dancing, costume changes and even bongo playing!  I would highly recommend checking this out if you like dinner and a show.


Snapchat:  acoest1984


On Sunday we slept in and drove around looking at houses for sale in a few neighbourhoods.  Then hit the gym and grabbed Vietnamese food.

It snowed all night long and I did about six loads of laundry over the course of the evening.  I moved my desk out of and into to create a temporary office space for Marco.  We moved the small living room chair into my room so I have a place to film…or throw all my laundry on  #letsbereal

Hope you had a great weekend!  Florida photo diary coming tomorrow.


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