Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


On Friday night we had planned a date night and then kind of at the last minute just decided to go low key (and less expensive) and head out for Vietnamese food.  Seriously, I could eat this everyday!  I know, I know, all you see are these freaking rice bowls, but they are so good.

Sidenote: this is the boyfriend’s sweatshirt which I’ve made my own.  He also had a navy one, which I’ve also claimed.  We found them during our NYC anniversary trip (video recap here), but looks like they still carry it.  I love hoodies and sweatshirts, and do have a little collection, but don’t tend to wear them out much.  On this night I wanted to be comfortable, warm and casual.  #missionaccomplished 

Saturday morning usual: , coffee & YouTube.

I mentioned I was doing a photoshoot with a hair/make-up artist friend on Saturday.  She asked me to model for her portfolio because aside from the fashion work she does, she is now incorporating bridal into her portfolio–and ladies, let me tell you, Erin is awesome to work with.  The theme was boho bridal and she was all set when I arrived in the morning.

Her sweet pup.

Unfortunately, the dress she had chosen was a tad small on me, so we had to rush back to The Handmade Bride and find something that did fit.  They chose this beautiful, boho, lace top dress.  The owner, Megan, was so sweet and helpful and I quickly snapped this shot before we rushed off to the location to meet the photographer.

We shot outside and it was freezing, you guys.  Not going to lie, this might look glamorous, but I was pink-knuckled and goosebump covered!  Ha.  

The flower crown and bouquet were made and donated by a local florist (I’ll find out who and link to them when I get the full shots back) and we shot against a log backdrop that the photographer, Lisa, scouted out.  It was stunning–I can’t wait to see more of the shots because from what I saw on the camera, it looked so great!

Afterwards, I met up with Marco and we totally indulged in burgers at The Works.  I most definitely could have done without this, but it was really, really delicious!

We headed up to the chalet at Tremblant, arriving pretty late at night and crashed.  We skied the next morning but classic Amanda woke up pretty late (snooze button anyone?) so only got a few runs in before having to head back to the city.

I posted this pic to Snapchat & Twitter and entitled it, ‘The calm before the Superbowl-party storm‘.  

We had about an hour-and-a-half to spare before guests started arriving and it was a mad dash to quickly tidy up, prep a bit of food (it was a potluck) and get ourselves ready.  We had about 15 friends over and tons of indulge-worthy food (hello below).  It was a great evening and we tidied up after and crashed pretty hard.

Hope you had a great weekend!!  Thank you for reading xo


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