Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Happy Easter Monday!  We celebrated last night with dinner at our place, but more on that in a bit.

My weekend kicked off on Thursday because Friday is a holiday in Canada (Good Friday).  We had a huge snowstorm out of nowhere so I was bundled to get home.

First stop?  Sally’s to pick up…

…some hair colour and various tools to balayage my super old hair extensions.  I haven’t worn these ones in years and they were in pretty rough shape so I figured if I screwed it up, no big deal.  

If you follow me on Snapchat (I’m acoest1984) you saw a lot of the progress and it turned out so well!  I’ll share a photo soon with me wearing them and how I did it.

Friday morning light & tulips to celebrate Spring (with snow on the ground outside).

I spent the afternoon at my grandparent’s place visiting with them and ended up staying for dinner, which was great.

That evening, Marco and I took a look at a house and relaxed at home.

Saturday morning, two breakfasts:   & a not-so-healthy breakfast post workout.

I’m noticing there are a lot of food photos this weekend, ha.

On Saturday night, after an afternoon of errand running, setting the Easter table in preparation for Sunday’s dinner and doing some work, we decided to go out for a casual dinner.  We were totally headed for Vietnamese food when Marco suggested Indian and I was so down.  We love this place, and both agree it’s the best butter chicken in the city.

On Sunday we got ready and headed out to the gym only to discover it was closed–doh.  Our gym rarely closes so I hadn’t even thought to check.  Lesson learned.  We came home, I did a quick workout in the condo gym.

From there it was home to prepare for our Easter dinner.  We hosted my Grandparents for a small, but sweet dinner and we did the whole turkey shebang (my fave!).  It was really great and rounded out the weekend nicely.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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