Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

My weekend started early, on Thursday evening, I was out at Place d’Orleans pulling all the outfits for a fashion show I had styled and was hosting on Friday.  It has been a ton of work since really diving in back in January so it was exciting the time had finally come for it to all come together…

Friday afternoon pancakes–post workout.  Marco and I got to workout together that morning, which was nice, and I made a quick smoothie before we left the house and came home to make .

From there, I got prepared for the event and eventually by mid-afternoon, it was time to go.

Teen Blush was the first annual event to celebrate International Women’s Day for teens; essentially a night out for girls and their Moms.  

There was a DJ, food, make-up stations, the fashion show, amazing swag bags and more.  The creator/coordinator did such a great job planning the event, it was a huge success and everyone had so much fun.

The models and I backstage just before we all went on.  There were 10 girls and we did two looks each–the theme was Spring Fashion and all the looks came from Place d’Orleans.  There were a lot of kimonos, hats, 70’s inspo and light wash denim.  The girls did so well, and had a blast.  It was such a great evening.

Afterwards, my girlfriend and I popped over to Milestones for a late dinner and drinks.  The Moscow Mule is where it’s at.


Saturday morning selfie–on our way to return all the clothes to the mall, then headed off to the gym.

Marco made us breakfast when we got home, then we rushed off to my bestie’s place to celebrate her little guy’s 2nd birthday.

The birthday boy’s baby brother.

Then it was onto the second party of the day, a pasta dinner with 10 friends.  Our host made the most amazing meatballs and everyone pitched in and brought something.  #nom

House hunting.

I spent Sunday cleaning the condo, doing laundry and editing a new video (will be on the blog tomorrow!).

And it wouldn’t be a weekend without…

Hope you had a great one!


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