A Look Back at March

Sometimes I struggle with finding enough photos for the Monthly Recap, but March certainly was not one of them…

Kicking off the month, all the hard work of styling and hosting a teen fashion show came to fruition and .   I took over the social media accounts for Place d’Orleans (have you seen my current Insta take-over?) during our Spring Campaign photoshoot at Blumen Studios and saw myself on the mall posters at the mall.

I shared an outfit with , , and shared a (and my own). 

Then of course, my birthday!  Marco took me to LA and while he worked, I met up with two Blogger friends separately:  Ashley from Pursuit of Shoes and Jamie from Glam Latte.  You can see a , and , and .

Upon return from sunny California, , I did a greenhouse photoshoot for this event I’m hosting this weekend and re-opened with some .

I scored my #happybirthdaytome and with my grandparents.

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