Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps


Hi ladies–it’s a new week and sorry for the delay on the Snaps.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend (good and bad) and I finally had a minute to sit down and pull this post together.

Friday night was one of those nights where nothing was truly planned so naturally we went out for Vietnamese food.  Afterwards, my worst nightmare came true…

…Marco told me he wants to take a break from Viet food.  #gasp  So clearly I’m going to have to start making weekly dinner dates with my girlfriend so I can get my fix.

–I apologize if you’re sick of seeing these, but I truly love them (and eat them every weekend, and frequently as a snack throughout the week!).


A good sesh at the gym on Saturday, working out back.  I’ll be honest, I took a two week hiatus from the gym after and it wasn’t pretty.  More on that later…

Also, on the weekend I shared some I’m loving, if you’d like to see.

Usually I get ready at home, but we were heading out of town for the day, so getting ready at the gym was what went down.  I recently picked up that natural lotion (have been looking for one without parabens and mineral oil).  I would love to hear any suggestions you girls may have!

The bridge to New York state to pick up a couple exciting purchases…


…like this bag.  Eek!  More on that later as well.

(I snapped this photo once we got home, but it was what I was wearing during the day trip)

Mexican food in Kingston for Marco’s brother’s birthday.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with strawberry smoothies–I’m not even a big strawberry milkshake person, but these are so good.

Essentially it’s about 6 – 8 frozen strawberries, 1 ish-cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and if I have kale or spinach on hand, I’ll throw in a handful of that (or not).  Blend & enjoy #nom #guiltfree


Sunday spray-tan day.

I told you ladies I’d share a pic of me wearing –I have a few outfit posts coming up with me wearing them, so you’ll be able to see better, but the colour is so good.  

I would highly recommend giving it a go yourself if you have some extensions yourself that need to be darkened a bit.  Like I said before, it was my first time and definitely worth the $25 I spent in hair colour versus buying a new set of balayage extensions for $200+.


And finally, as I mentioned on Friday, I was going on live tv yesterday morning with Place d’Orleans and three other local beautiful bloggers to talk Spring Trends.  The girls picked their looks and you can catch the segment here (only four minutes long).  I was so nervous, but it went well and it’s when it’s over you realize you had a great time.

Hope you had a great weekend!  


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