Weekend Recap: iPhone Snaps

Hi ladies!  I know these snaps are so late, it’s been a bit of a busy week but I’m sharing what went down since the weekend, so grab a coffee and tuck in…


On Friday night, I went to the Justin Bieber concert with my bestie, but first we stopped at Central Bierhaus for dinner on the patio, which didn’t disappoint.

Capturing the selfie moment.

The concert was okay–18 000 teenage girls swooning over the Biebs was quite the sight!   He played almost his entire Purpose album plus some oldies, which, if you’re familiar, you know is very ballad-y.  The energy levels were somewhat low, but still a fun evening out.

Saturday morning breakfast: Marco cooked this up for me since I was out of bananas #gasp!


We hit the gym, and then had a little visit with my family, ran some errands, did some window shopping and later got ramen for dinner via Uber Eats–which has just come to Ottawa, woot woot!

SIDENOTE:  These are some of my favourite leggings, and I have them in a few colours.  I actually sized down after purchasing my first pair because I found they were sliding down as I was working out (I’m wearing a 6).  Also, these Pumas at so comfortable!  Way more comfy than my Stan Smith’s and they are my second pair (remember the first pair I ruined last year in Italy?  Worth it!).

On Sunday morning, I was off to Showpony for my hair trial.  I was asked to participate in a hair show and figured, ‘Why not!?’.   The Stylist, RenĂ©e Africa was up from San Diego and she put cornrows in my hair to later make way for adding some crazy hair extensions to it.

Needless to say, later that evening I was definitely feeling the discomfort of that hair style–and had to sleep in it!  #helloadvil

I stopped by the mall afterwards, with my cornrows, and tried on a few things… one of which I ended up going back for (more to come in a full outfit post).



The next morning was the show–which was part of a trade show at the Hilton, Casino Lac Leamy.  There were five hair models, including myself, and while everyone else had their hair done prior to going onstage, I was the demonstration done on stage showing how quickly and easily it can to be transition from one look to another in the case of an editorial photoshoot, etc.  

Essentially, they attached four double-stranded (hair extension) wefts to my hair (hence the reason for cornrows) to give a cool, rocker style vibe.  

As you can see, lots of very creative, different, and cool looks from our Stylist.  I love the girl’s hair on the far right–there was a teeny, tiny braid that wrapped around and in between the pulled up parts, so amazing (did you see on Snap?  I’m acoest1984).

And finally, that evening back with the BFF who won tickets to a Summer Kick-Off event, so off we went for some drinks and a little girls night out (again).

Hope you had a great weekend!  It’s almost the weekend again, yahoo!


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